Basic Horse Training Exercises For Beginners

Horse training refers to various tricks that teach horses to behave certain ways when commanded to do this by humans. Horses are traditionally trained for human purposes by people, who can be owners, trainers or professionals. For example, riders are taught how to control them through different techniques such as tying their hooves, pulling on reins etc. Horse riding is one of the most popular hobbies in the world, and equestrians have been enjoying it for ages now. However, horse training has many pitfalls which can cause immense damage to both the horse and the rider, as well as resulting in serious injuries. If you are interested in trying out horse riding as a hobby, and in gaining valuable knowledge on how your horse acts and reacts, you will need to undertake basic horse training. To discover more about horse training  click here .

There are two main methods of horse training, free longeing and tethering. Free longeing, also known as free riding, is a method where the horse is left on his own during his training period. The trainer uses no form of fetting or imprisonment as he is able to touch only the horse's body parts when he wants. Although free longeing does not give much time to the horse, it can train him to follow easy instructions which are usually given by the trainer. This method of training horses is suitable for beginners who want to learn the basics.

Tethering or on-line horse training methods are more popular nowadays, as they can be performed from the comfort of your home. These methods are ideal for people who cannot find the time to attend traditional horse training courses. It is important that you keep the horse leashed when you tie him up. The purpose of tying up the horse is to make him follow your commands. While on-line training, you will be able to get immediate feedback from the horse. Kindly visit this website for more useful  reference.

The lunge and the longe line are the most basic exercises that need to be performed when using the on-line method. The lunge uses the equestrian vaulting method in order to teach the horse to jump. This exercise also helps in improving the horse's ability to stretch and move around without any problem. This is one of the best horse training techniques that are used in many shows and competitions. visit liberty horse training to have a glimbs of more training techniques.

On the other hand, the longe line helps the horse to stand inside bit ring without any problem. There are different types of lunge, but most of them include three steps. You can start off by having the horse step into the inside bit ring with the right foot first followed by the left foot. This is one of the most basic exercises that help you train the horses to jump.

There are two important phases involved in longeing. One is the early morning practice before the start of the horse race and the second is after the horse races are over. In case you are an experienced rider or have a good coach then you can begin immediately with the lunge training to help you understand how the horse moves and reacts in the lead changes. 

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